Our Learning Academy

At Timopoint we have a very definite split in our training approach.  Our learning academy only address 1st time NEC users.  Due to the array of NEC training providers in South Africa and due our genuine dislike in parroting the Black and Brown book we suggest the shortest possible time on academic training.  If an individual can read, they can understand the principles and intent of the NEC. 
It is the application of the Core Clauses that creates the most problems.  Our training therefore consists of the following sessions:

Introduction into NEC (1 - 2 days)

  • Understanding of the NEC Black Book and the application of the Core Clauses

Tenders and the NEC (2 days)

  • Practical work session.  Option 1:  Review companies own historical Tenders / Option 2 review and work on generic Tenders

Compensation events (2 day)

  • Compensation events.  Option 1:  Review companies own historical problematic claims / Option 2:  Review and work on generic real life compensation events.

Our sessions are interactive and require full participation of all attendees and some pre-and-post training work.  These training sessions will involve consultation with the companies Contracts Manager / Project Manager prior to attending the sessions. 

Our Practical academy (Mentoring sessions)
Contract Administration and the NEC (1 - 2 Weeks in-house company training)

  • Practical implementation of a NEC compliant admin system
  • Pitfalls and alerts
  • Templates
  • “NEC for dummies” admin package

Post training support (1 week after training free of charge)

  • Assist attendees with ongoing contractual issues in their current work situation pertaining to the training package attended

Tailor made training sessions

  • Timopoint will review your company's contractual department, contracting methodology and contract implementation and construct a training session focusing on specific individuals and problem areas. 

Our “NEC for dummies”

This web based programme contains all the registers, notices, templates and time stipulations required by the NEC.  If you can click a button, read and write, you will be able to implement the NEC with the most basic of users.  At Timopoint we have strived to perfect a simple working solution for NEC administration.  We do not believe in complex systems and spreadsheets and believe that simplicity may be the answer to disarray in Contract administration.  Apart from simplicity the next best feature of Best feature of our programme is the price.  For a price less than your coffee and tea bill a month you will have a one stop NEC admin system. 
NEC Academy