If you are looking for an academic approach to NEC training and administration of the Contract, Timopoint is not your NEC solution. At Timopoint we believe that the Contracting industry has changed.  NEC Contracting is not a new concept to the South African industry anymore.  All major role players have in the last 10 - 15 years adopted the NEC contract and philosophy.  We therefore believe that NEC training, apart from first time users has become redundant. 
At Timopoint we believe in a practical approach, application and administration of the NEC Contract.  We believe that experience in the field should be the tutor and not academics that has no idea of Site circumstances.  At Timopoint we have, through our involvement in many disputes and Projects in dire troubles, learned how NOT to approach and administer the NEC Contract. 

We believe in evaluating your Contracts department, testing the knowledge of your Contract personnel and only then suggesting a training solution.  We further believe that training alone is not the solution struggling Projects and companies need.   At Timopoint we firmly believe in creating a more sophisticated NEC user.  This can only ever be achieved through an evaluation of the day to day running of the Contract and through a mentoring process. 
Our interpretation of the Contracting industry is that the Project environment has resulted in a quick turnaround of personnel.  A personnel investment of 10 even 5 years or more has become a scarcity in the construction industry.  This leads to loss of critical skills in a company and a genuine risk to the Projects at hand.  So how does a company address this?

Timopoint has developed a NEC admin solution for the most basic of users.  We foresee that the intended government youth subsidies may elevate this problem even more.  Although our vision is flooding the industry with sophisticated users, companies will have to address the influx of young, untrained minds in the environment. 

Our “NEC for dummies” ensures that NEC notices and time frames are adhered to and the skill level of personnel becomes less important. 
We believe that investing in the skill level of your companies NEC users will better the relationship between Contractor and Employer and will ensure better Project execusion. 
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